Terms And Conditions

The licensing contracts involving our clients and the business are outlined throughout the terms & conditions we provide. You must comply with the terms & conditions to utilize any of our services, including publicly or privately. Certain portions of these terms & conditions are merely to illustrate our business’s characteristics and operations, and they would not apply to the person until they register on our web to receive special benefits from us.

To use our facilities, we ask that everyone examine every part of our terms & conditions to ensure that they are comfortable with the organizational rules that are in effect for their security and the assurance of our consumers.

Content originality

If the client requires creative and original work assurance, we can give authenticity verification reports. Such analyses are from Turnitin, a service that checks for plagiarized content in non-search engine-gated content. It moreover incorporates Turnitin’s automated process feedback report.

Turnitin evaluations would not contain any material found in photographs, video files, or web pages that have not been cleared either by search service. We would produce a feedback report that would verify the unique material that we wrote, so we could ensure that our consumers would experience original stuff.

However, if you need extra extensive and deep plagiarism verification for Turnitin’s writing, we would gladly accept your originality results through any program even though we could implement

appropriate revisions. After formal evaluation, all information or material given to you would be only your property and responsibility.

Principle of Adjustment

Because of the business’s special reform policies, Content Writing King has the power to make whatever changes towards its terms & conditions of the agreement without notifying the clients.

The purpose of the Content Writing King site

Our site serves as a resource for enterprises, organizations, and individuals seeking content writing services for expressing personal websites. We solely serve its customers via this website as a content writing company.

Make an appointment with us

Once you’ve placed an order, a member of our friendly service will contact you to verify it. You could purchase with us by going to our site, completing the short online application, contacting or emailing us, or calling our customer service staff. Our staff would be in contact with you, and you would receive an update on the status of your work.

Kindly amend sure to explain every one of your specifications and relevant details when obtaining facilities from our firm because then our staff could expedite your purchase. Our expert in charge of the relevant subject would immediately notify you after placing an order is confirmed and therefore would keep in touch with you till you get your written order with reports.

You must not place any requests that violate human rights, are connected to child molestation and are obscene. If you get any of the demands mentioned above, we will instantly reject your request.


By subscribing and registering to our services, you agree to our marketing rules, including adding new features, email marketing, and announcements from our staff for advertising reasons.

Liability Limitation

Our organization is not responsible for whichever indirect or subsequent damages resulting from the claimed usage of our offerings or web page. We wouldn’t be held liable for any loss to your device or web caused by a viral attack that you may have introduced due to your use of our services or web pages.

Furthermore, we wouldn’t be accountable to anyone whenever our website is unavailable to you owing to your broadband internet connectivity or location. Furthermore, we cannot promise that customers would receive the desired outcomes or items due to utilizing our services and products. After we safely transfer your task, we would not be held liable for stealing your data or material of your web page or device by a 3rd party.

Our website’s accessibility

We created our web page at no price to provide all consumers with the best content writing services. We cannot guarantee that our web page will be readily available because it may be unavailable due to a momentary disruption.

Without warning every customer, we could stop or disable our website for some time. If someone utilizes our website for unlawful reasons, we wouldn’t be accountable for his activities, so we may pursue a lawsuit against such a person following applicable legal to protect our firm’s honesty and integrity.

Protection of trademarks

Trademark registration and internet calling safeguard every service, marking, slogan, and brand listed on the website. The usage of certain trademarked logos and brand names is prohibited until the founders grant your consent. The mark is fully unique and therefore is deemed the site’s ownership. According to trademark laws, violations would be regarded severely, and the culprit would be penalized.

Content that has been copied without permission

By utilizing this online content business domain, you undertake to refrain from copying any web page data without permission. You further accept not stealing, saving, or replicating any of the material types available on this page. In the event of a breach of the commitment, the culprit would be held responsible for removing or destroying content that’s been unlawfully taken, downloaded, or published from our web page.

Policy on data protection

Before using our site, it’s also suggested that every consumer must read the terms of service attentively. Consumers could perceive more concerning the terms of service by clicking on our web link.

Our primary duty is to encourage consumers to adhere to our web page terms and conditions to flourish and resolve any upcoming conflict. Such a method will reduce the risks.

Info about how to contact us

You could approach us if you still possess any questions about the contractual terms of Content Writing King’s website or whether you have some doubts about anything. We are indeed available to answer any questions and give assistance. Please do not hesitate to approach us at any moment if you require our expert creative content writing services or anything else.


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