Revision Policy

Content writing king is the most reliable and best content writing service as it ensures their customers’ full satisfaction through incredible services and the best possible help. It takes full responsibility to complete and analyze the content written by experienced writers. We understand that our customers put their full trust and invest for help. We value your trust and make sure to never let you down. It is the responsibility of the writers to include every content according to the topic and customer requirements which can sometimes turn out to be unsatisfactory. The reason can be that the customer forgot to mention some of the points or the content is not fulfilling the customer requirements. The writer may forget to include or match the requirements of the customers as well. You can request for multiple revisions until you are satisfied with the content and requirements are complete. You will not have to worry about the cost of the revisions because the revisions are free. You have to go through the final order thoroughly to pick out the areas where you need change or addition. Pick out the points carefully to explain them to us so that we can analyze and make changes properly. It is important for you to make the points clear in order to get your requirements fulfilled properly. We understand the importance of accuracy and good content; it is the reason why we created this revision policy.


The approval of your revision request is acceptable under these conditions:

  • If you find any grammatical mistakes and formatting issues in your blog or content
  • If there is a layout or style that is not placed or used according to your requirements
  • If you search engine optimization, SEO requirements are not fulfilled or are not there in your content
  • If the content quality is not satisfactory such as incorrect line in a paragraph, missing paragraphs, grammatical mistakes, wrong font and color etc.
  • If the writer did not incorporate your required information or heading, but your requirements have to be the same as at the beginning of the order so that the team can revise all of them once again
  • If the tone of the content is slightly or completely different from the one that you expected
  • If you want to make new changes or include new requirements that you did not mention at the beginning of the order, you will have to order again. It is because the writers are obliged to follow and work under the conditions that are set under an order, so new changes cannot be included under the old order. Our writers give their time and effort to make the best possible content for you, and we value their hard work. It is necessary for you to understand this and order again for new changes
  • If you answer the faster questions that our team asks when you request the revisions. If you want quick work, then you will have to answer each question quickly to get your revisions


If there are any issues among these points, you are eligible to request or ask for unlimited and cost-free revisions of your content. Content writing king assures you complete revisions without extra charges, so hit the revision button and do not forget to read this revision policy before it.