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Content Writing King-Privacy Policy

Content Writing King assures you of the full protection of your data collected during the process. Our company has formulated a customer-centric privacy policy to explain everything clearly. You can refer to our privacy policy in case of any queries regarding the security and usage of your data.

The Aim of Our Customer-Centric Privacy Policy

The primary objective of our privacy policy is to eloquently explain to our customers and related businesses how we tend to use their information that is collected as a result of transacting with us. We clearly explain our policy regarding the collection, execution, usage, and security of the data of our clients and companies. All these functions are handled by our specialised data protection team. All elements of our privacy policy are explained here clearly. In case of any confusion or question regarding any of our rules and regulations, you are requested to connect with our customer support team, who are readily available to serve you round the clock.

Clients’ Information Processing

Here are the rules, regulations, and laws governing our process of collecting the personal information of clients and companies.

  • We always collect the information by taking prior permission from the user.
  • The objective of data collection is to boost our content marketing.
  • The information we collect is essential in case we need to contact you.

Our data handling and protection goes as follows.

We contact you through different modes, including email, calls, or messages. We collect your data and store it to be used in future order proceedings and communication. It is conditional on your permission. In case you cancel your order, we remove your data from our storage. If you deny permission for storing your data, we immediately remove it.

The data we collect is purely used for the purpose mentioned above. We never share your data with any third party without your consent. We understand the significance of the security of your data and make sure your personal information remains protected.

What information do we collect?

When we ask you permission for collecting your data, here is what we might collect and store.

  • Full name of the client
  • Their residential address
  • Their contact number
  • Email address
  • The details of your order

All this information is collected through the online form that you fill out and submit at the time of order placement. The form is submitted through email. The information we collect is completely protected, and we do not allow access to any third party to your personal information.

How do we use your information?

Here is the complete detail on how we might use your information. We use your information for keeping you updated about our latest offers, packages, discounts, and service. Besides that, we use it for contact with you during the order processing and delivery. We retain your information for about three months, where it is kept protected.

Where do we store your information?

We are concerned about the security of your data, and therefore we keep it protected in our secure cloud system. It is securely encrypted with passwords. Only concerned company members have access to these passwords to ensure utmost protection. We transmit all emails through this secure system.


Cookies refer to the data stored during your visit to a website. The cookies we use never include accessing your personal information on your device or any recognisable data on your website. Our cookies are based on search engines. This means our cookies remain active as long as your remain present on the browser. They are inactivated as soon as you close your search browser. We also use persistent cookies on our website. These cookies take the form of small files capable of retaining on your computer drive for a longer period of time. You can terminate them with your search engine’s assistance.

Purpose of Using Cookies:

Our primary objective of using cookies on our website is to observe your online activity to analyse your online interests and behaviour. These insights help us improve our services for you.

  • You can exercise your rights, objections and suggestions as defined by our company. Following are your rights as a client of our services.
  • You have the right to upfront information regarding any amendment in the company’s rules, regulations, or policies.
  • You have the right to ask for any changes or amendments in work delivered to you.
  • You have the right to know about the progress of your order.
  • You can withdraw your consent of information collection and storage at any time if you are not satisfied with our privacy policy.
  • You might not agree with our privacy policy and can share your concerns with our team. It will help us know your issues so that we can address them appropriately.
  • You can object to our data handling if you do not find it efficient enough. You can contact our customer service team to discuss your concerns.
  • You may ask our team to remove your data stored in our cloud system at any time.



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